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Retrofit your equipment

Retrofit your older autoclave or oven with CPC Controls

ASC retrofits older autoclaves, ovens, and presses many times each year with our CPC Controls. Our aerospace customers have learned that putting CPC controls on an existing piece of equipment is a value-added proposition.

We upgrade more than 30 autoclaves each year and this experience shows. We are experts at what it takes to implement new controls on autoclaves originally manufactured by Scholz, Taricco, TEC, American, Bondtech, Melco, Autoclaves Group, A&A, Fuel Engineering, Olmar, Terruzi, and many other manufacturers.

We are also experienced at retrofitting old ovens. We regularly upgrade ovens manufactured by Wisconsin, Despatch, Grieve, Blue-M, and others. No oven is too complicated for ASC to modernize.

Utilize CPC’s multi-equipment capability

Because a single CPC control system can control multiple pieces of equipment, the per-equipment cost can be very low when compared to independent control systems. CPC is a great option to bring advanced composite control to even small pieces of equipment. Remember, CPC is the only control system that can support multi-equipment processing.

How do I get a quote?

If you are interested in having ASC quote your retrofit project, please fill out the control system form (see tab above). The form will be submitted directly to our control sales engineer. The process of quoting a retrofit job involves some communications to find out your exact needs as well as specifics about the equipment. The sales engineer will be focused on how many inputs (ie. sensors, limit switches, etc.) and outputs (valves, motors, etc.) are needed to fully automate your equipment. Once that information is known, a fixed-price quotation will be sent in a few days.

How much does a retrofit cost?

The price of a new CPC control system, including retrofit labor, can vary from USD $20,000 to more than USD $100,000 for large equipment with hundreds of sensors. A multi-equipment control configuration is the least costly per-equipment, but as a value proposition, it is usually only recommended for small to mid-size pieces of equipment.

Can I buy CPC for a competitor's new oven or autoclave?

ASC is in the business of selling autoclaves and ovens, so we typically do not offer CPC for inclusion on a new autoclave or oven purchase from one of our competitors. If you really want CPC on a new piece of equipment, then we recommend that you ask ASC for a quote on that equipment. If ASC does not offer the type of equipment you would like controlled, then we will gladly provide a CPC quotation.

Software-Only Retrofit

ASC provides the software and control hardware for the majority of control system retrofit projects we perform. This provides a clear single-source of responsibility if things go wrong. We rarely sell our CPC software without accompanying hardware, but if you have an application for a software-only implementation, then please contact our control sales staff and discuss the possibilities.

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