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Cooling Systems for Autoclaves

ASC Integrated Autoclave Cooling SystemCooling systems

ASC's autoclave cooling systems feature a stainless-steel tank, high volume pumps, and reliable operations.

Integrated components

We manufacture and assemble all components onto a shippable frame. The system comes complete with pumps, valving, control panel, level controls, and optional conductivity controls.

Integrated components

If you have multiple autoclaves and are looking for a single, redundant cooling system to serve all of your autoclave, ASC can design and manufacture exactly what you need. We are experts at sizing and calculating capacities, including pumps, piping, towers, and exchangers and can deliver a high-quality system.

Water quality problems?

Are your cooling coils scaling closed? This is a normal condition caused by poor autoclave water quality. ASC can analyze your current cooling system configuration and propose different solutions, including automated descaling systems, water treatment, and TDS control.