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Autoclave Types

ASC Process Systems manufactures many types of autoclaves systems for the thermal processing and
bonding industries world wide.

Nuclear Sampling & Transfer Autoclave Systems

ASC Nuclear Material Process AutoclaveUranium hexafluoride (UF6) is a radioactive and highly toxic material that is used in the enrichment process by nuclear fuel producers. Nuclear autoclaves are used throughout the fuel processing life-cycle for transferring and sampling UF6 from storage cylinders. Due to the dangerous nature of the UF6, these nuclear autoclaves are designed for high durability and multiple levels of the safety factor. In the event of a large seismic event, these autoclaves must survive intact without releasing any radioactive content.

ASME NQA-1 certification

ASC's has built nuclear autoclaves for sampling and transfer of nuclear products for the world's largest nuclear fuel producers. The design and manufacture of these nuclear autoclaves require adherence and certification to ASME NQA-1 nuclear quality standards. ASC is capable of an entire design-build program or to take on the build portion using customer-supplied designs.

Nuclear 4

Sampling autoclaves

Sampling autoclaves are utilized to slowly heat and melt enriched UF6 (uranium hexafluoride), which is stored in 30B and 48F/Y cylinders. Once the cylinder is fully melted, the autoclave and cylinder is tipped forward so that a small amount of product can be transferred into small sampling bottles. These autoclaves are highly complex, utilizing multiple safety systems and interlocks. The autoclave serves multiple purposes: heating, sampling, re-solidification, and containment.

ASC is the only company in the US currently certified and capable of providing sampling autoclaves to the nuclear fuels industry.

30B UF6 containment Cylinder
Transfer autoclaves

Transfer autoclaves are similar to sampling autoclaves, however, their purpose is to heat the UF6 until it reaches its vapor state. At that point, the UF6 is transferred from the 30B/48F/48Y cylinders into a secondary process.

ASC is again the only company in the US currently certified and capable of providing nuclear transfer autoclaves.


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