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Coils and Exchangers

Coils and Exchangers

Old TEC Cooling Coil
Old coil from a TEC autoclave
ASC Redesigned Repacement Cooling Coil
Redesigned coil replacement
High Performace Gas Fired Autoclave Heat Exchanger
Gas fired autoclave heat exchanger
Pressurization systems

ASC can deliver many styles of autoclave pressurization systems.

Compression systems

ASC designs and builds a special system that can reduce overall compression costs by 30%. The CRS (Compression Reduction System) or NRS (Nitrogen Recovery System), is a proprietary multi-tank automated system that recycles autoclave pressurized media after a cycle. The system integrates with any autoclave control system and can result in tens of thousands of dollars of savings each year, depending on the duty-cycle of the autoclave.

LN2 tank and vaporizers

The most conventional approach to providing nitrogen pressure to an autoclave is by means of a liquid-nitrogen tank delivering pressurized fluid to a nitrogen vaporizer.

ASC can design and assemble a system to meet your exact specifications. Just give us your autoclave size and pressurization requirements and we'll quote a system that meets your needs.

Nitrogen manufacturing

Tired of paying for liquid nitrogen? ASC can design and manufacture a nitrogen membrane system that can create and store all the nitrogen you need for your autoclave production. ASC can design and deliver the compressors, dryers, filters, membranes, and storage vessels.