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Glass Laminating

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Autoclave Types

ASC Process Systems manufactures many types of autoclaves systems for the thermal processing and
bonding industries world wide.

Glass Laminating Autoclave Systems

The ASC's Econoclave® GLS is the most advanced glass laminating autoclave solution available. The Econoclave® GLS glass laminating autoclave system works with and integrates seamlessly with all glass lamination line systems on the market and is capable of curing all types of PVB interlayers including specialized polymers like SentryGlas®

ASC Glass laminating autoclave
Rear view of GL8X20 glass laminating autoclave system
Glass Laminating autoclave at ASC
Superior laminating

ASC's GLS autoclaves are designed with unequaled temperature and flow uniformity to assure even heating and cooling of your glass load. Each autoclave utilizes our proprietary H-Slot ™ flow system to create a uniform flow front from the front to the rear of the autoclave.

Shorter cycle times

The Econoclave® GLS comes standard with an enhanced air circulation system that delivers, on average, 50% more flow to your laminated load than competitive autoclaves. As a result of this increased air-speed through the autoclave working envelope, your glass-laminating load will realize nearly a 50% decrease in cycle time when compared with conventional glass-laminating autoclaves. This means more production and less cost per load.

Savings in energy costs = "a green solution"

Autoclave air-compressor and heating operating costs can be a significant drain on the profit realized by glass-laminators. We took that into account when designing the Econoclave ® GLS. The unique Econoclave® design means that for the same production volume capacity, our autoclave pressure vessel size will be up to 20% less than competitive glass-laminating autoclaves. This reduction in overall autoclave size proportionally reduces compressor and heating costs which can save as much as $100,000 per year in a high-production environment.

Recycling through innovation

ASC can also provide our proprietary CRS (Compression Reduction System) system, which is designed to reuse and recycle the autoclave's compressed air environment, realizing a compression savings of 30% and tens of thousands of dollars per year in operating costs.

Interior flow configurations

ASC can deliver an Econoclave® GLS system that meets your exact production configuration requirements. We can design a unit with longitudinal air-flow using side ducts, top ducts, or floor ducts. We can also provide an autoclave with vertical (bottom to top or top to bottom) air-flow to meet the windshield manufacturer's requirements.

Work carts

ASC's engineering staff can design your autoclave carts to your exact requirement. Our shop is capable of building any size cart.

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