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Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Systems for Autoclaves and Ovens

ASC is asked by many customers to provide retrofits of existing autoclaves, including vacuum source systems, pumping systems, and other vacuum-related componentry.

  • Shipping Vacuum Components
    Vacuum Source assemblies shipping to customer
  • High Performance ASC Vacuum Valve and Trap System
    VacTrap ® system for autoclave
  • Standard Vacuum Valve and Trap System
    Source system with transducers
  • Vacuum Pump and Receiver Tank
    Pump and receiver skid
Autoclave vacuum source systems

ASC's vacuum source systems are the most reliable on the market. Featuring all stainless-steel valving, tubing, and connections, these units are designed for long life and trouble-free operation.
You can select from our standard aerospace vacuum source system or the chilled trap system called VacTrap ®

Vacuum pumps and control receivers

We can design and manufacture a single or redundant pumping system to meet the needs of one or many autoclaves. The redundant vacuum pumping systems come complete with PLC, automatic switchover logic, and skid.