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CPC - Input Biasing This manual discusses the BIAS object and how it can be used in CPC to bias input readings in order to bias control or account for error in readings. CPC Manuals View
CPC - Integral Scrubbing Object This manual describes the IntegralScrubbing object and how it can be used during air temperature uniformity surveys to correct overshoot errors. CPC Manuals View
CPC - Auto-disabling sensors at start of run This manual describes how CPC can be setup to automatically disable specific part thermocouples at the beginning of the run in order to eliminate them from control decisions while still saving data for those thermocouples. CPC Manuals View
CPC - How to configure in-process leak tests This manual is used by controls engineers to configure CPC for in-process leak checks using the ChecksLeak class of object. This configuration will allow saving of custom leak-test reports to the datafile. CPC Manuals View
Mitsubishi FR F700 Drive Manual Mitsubishi manual for the FR F700 series inverter drive used on ASC's Econoclaves. 09/29/13 Autoclaves Manuals View
CPC - How to configure fast tasking vacuum control This topic sheet describes the mechanics of configuring CPC for Fast Tasking of On/Off vacuum control. 09/29/13 CPC,Vacuum Pumps Manuals View
CPC - TCP Talker and Listener This topic sheet describes how to configure and use the TCPTalker and TCPListener objects and their ability to provide bi-directional communications between remote CPC systems and/or customer applications. 11/01/13 CPC Manuals View
CPC - How to use the RegistryKey object Rev: 12/26/13. This manual describes the RegistryKey object and how it can be used to view and change Windows Registry key values. 12/26/13 CPC Manuals View
CPC - ServerBackup and PCA-PCB Configurations This document explains the proper setup for PCA-PCB operations on CPC. It goes into detail regarding Allen Bradley Logix programming, CPC object configuration, and CPC scripting. This document is meant as a guide to those who setup new CPC systems. 05/31/14 CPC Manuals View
CPC - Active Sensor selection for Trend Screens This topic sheet provides the configuration and setup of trend screens so that they can display Active Sensors. 02/20/14 CPC Manuals View
ASTM E 1129 - Specification for Thermocouple Connectors This ASTM standards document shows the standard for thermocouple connectors and jacks. CPC Manuals View
CPC - Report generation and export features This topic sheet explains the new report exporting features added on 4.3.7. This includes the ExportGeneratedReports option. 11/17/14 CPC Manuals View
CPC Update - Ver 2015.5.10 Document that describes changes to CPC for the 2015.5.10 version. Changes include scripting improvements, OPCDevice changes, and miscellaneous improvements. 05/10/15 CPC Manuals ,Updates View
CPC Update - Ver 2015.10.28 Document that describes changes to CPC for the 2015.10.28 version. Changes include a new trend screen feature that shows not only Value-vs-Time trending, but also Rate-vs-Time and Rate-vs-Value plots. 10/28/15 CPC Manuals ,Updates View
International Voltage and Frequency Standards Autoclaves Manuals View

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