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Theory of Thermocouples by Marlin Mfg This is an excellent white paper on the theory of thermocouples. It also describes and corrects the common misconception that a thermoocouple's voltage is created at the tip. Autoclaves,Composite Ovens White Papers View
Self-Directed Process Control System For Epoxy Matrix Composites This white paper shows the results of an SBIR research contract relating to smart control of composites using dielectric feedback of resin state. CPC White Papers View
Resin Transfer Molding Process Monitoring and Control This document shows the result of a SBIR contract with UDRI and GE. The research looked into real-time control of RTM flow-front using conductivity sensors and CPC software. CPC White Papers View
Proactive Control of Curing Composites This document describes the results of an SBIR research contract on forward-looking control of composite curing. ASC partnered with GE and Bell Helicopter to develop an advanced "proactive" control algorithm that would predict and correct future exothermic reactions in thick composites. CPC White Papers View
Self-Directed Cure Control of Composite Material Field Level Repairs This is the result of an US Air Force research contract where ASC partnered with Boeing and GE to develop a next-generation composite repair controller that utilized dielectric feedback to assure cure of field repairs. CPC White Papers View
CPC - Intelligent Control Summary This is a summary document describing the research programs ASC has participated in regarding smart-processing of composites. CPC White Papers View
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