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Aurora Space Sciences

 Inside Aurora Space Flight Sciences Econoclave

Behind the Scenes:
Virgin Galactic Motherships

Take a look at this great shot from inside of one of our Econoclaves at Aurora Space Flight Sciences

Craig International Ballistics

Craig International Ballistics

CIB Invests in Latest Autoclave Technology!

Watch this great video featuring their new 2Mx5M Econoclave.

Delivering a AC15X45

ASC delivers a 15 ft. X 45 ft. Autoclave to our customer in Utah.

15ft. x 45ft. 320,000 lb Autoclave

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams remained hard at work and were able to continue to deliver autoclave systems across America.

Getting ready for winter

Shipping in the winter monthsWe ship all year, even in the snow.

Shipping this 12-foot diameter, 150,000 lb., Econoclave over the snow-covered mountains to Ohio last winter was fun. We are planning for more shipments this winter. 

Out of Autoclave Curing

Composite World Magizine featering a ASC Oven

Extra Large Composite curing oven by ASC

Out of Autoclave curing (OOA)? No Problem, ASC has it covered. Check out this interesting article in Composite World Magazine talking about OOA composites manufacturing...

Concrete Autoclaves

ASC delivers two 150 ft. Long AAC Concrete Curing Autoclave to customer in Georgia

ASC delivers two 150-foot Long AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Curing Autoclave to the customer in Georgia

We are looking for Mechanical Fabricators & ASME welders!
ASC is hiring Mechanical Fabricators & ASME welders for in-house and field pressure vessel fabrication work.

We have some great jobs available! If you are a certified welder and can pass a 6G stick-weld test, then we need you.

Are you interested? Click here and apply today! 

A day in life at ASC
If you are wondering what it is like working here at ASC Process Systems,  well... take a look!

While we work hard building the best and most energy effience composite bonding autoclave and oven systems known worldwide, our focus is on safety and providing a healthy work environment with a friendly atmosphere making ASC a great place work and call home.

ASC's YouTube Channel

ASC You Tube Channel

Learn about our Service and Support!

Our "YouTube" channel is growing fast with great informational videos like this new play list that explains ASC’s service and support options.

Delivering a EC10X30 Econoclave

Honeycomb EC10X30

Honeycomb Company of America takes delivery of a new state-of-the-art 10X30 ASC Econoclave at their Sarasota facility.

SDC's 16-ft Econoclave

San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) Time-lapse fabrication video

SDC announced the operational status of their new 16 X 30 foot state-of-the-art ASC Econoclave with an amazing time-lapse of the fabrication process by ASC.

Watch the video now on YouTube:
SDCs' New Autoclave Time-lapse Video

Quartz Hill High School

Quarts Hill High SchoolQuartz Hill High School Students Visit ASC!

25 students from Quartz Hill High School spent the day interacting with our engineers here at ASC and had a great opportunity to see how cool engineering can be.


Econoclave in Israel

Placing a composites autoclave in IsrealKanfit Ltd., a manufacturer of composites structures and a subcontractor for many of the leading major aerospace companies worldwide, is expanding its high performance composites capabilities in Israel with the delivery of a new ASC Econoclave 7x18.

Shipping Econoclaves

Weighing in at approximately 90 tons, this 12x50 Econoclave is so big, it took this huge specialized heavy-haul truck that is over 330 feet in length and has more than 150 wheels to carry and disperse the weight during its journey.

MHI's Econoclave in Japan

ASC is proud to announce the installation and startup of a new 4m (13 ft.) x 25m (82 ft.) Econoclave in Shimonoseki, Japan for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries new plant expansion.

The 777x Wing Center Opens

EC28X120 Autoclave

The Seattle Times posted some great photos of the 28 ft. X 120 ft. ASC composite curing autoclave in their article about the Boeing 777x wing center in Everett Washington.

Save up to 30%
in operating costs with an Econoclave

The Econoclave’s smart and superior design saves nitrogen and electrical costs when compared to competitive autoclave systems.

Lockheed's work on the Dream Chaser

Unveiling Lockheed's work on the Dream Chaser Go ASC!

It is great to see the autoclaves we produce are being used to create so many fantastic things in our world, including the fuselage for the “Dream Chaser” orbital space plane. Take a look at this article in Composites World unveiling Lockheed’s work on the Dream Chaser and see our 20 ft. diameter x 50 ft. long autoclave in action.

Hydrocephalus 5k Walk 1ASC is helping others
in the US & around the world

From rehabilitation centers and orphanages in Malaysia to walk/runs in California to help fight the many forms of cancer to the ice bucket challenge, ASC Continues to care and support our community and causes that affect people around the world. Being an ASC employee is being part of a family committed to helping others. 

See Photos: 5k walk to end hydrocephalus.
See photos: 5k Walk/Run for Children's Cancer.

Econoclaves in Asia

A 4.2MX12.2M Econoclave system installed in Malaysia is featured in an interesting news article about manufacturing aerospace composites in Asia.


Big Blue and the Busy Bees
A fun video showing a time-lapse of a large 15x30 Autoclave being loaded and shipped from our factory in Valencia California.

This autoclave was shipped to an aerospace customer in Thailand.

ASC Component Fabrication

In Valencia, CA


  • - Component Fabrication
  • - Autoclave Assembly
  • - Control System Builds
  • - And more

Developing Advanced Solutions Today

ASC Corporate Video

Composite Curing
Autoclave & Oven Systems

For over 35 years, ASC Process Systems has been the premier global manufacturer of autoclaves, ovens, and thermal process systems. We lead the industry in innovative technology and equipment for composites, aerospace, nuclear, glass lamination, and vulcanization applications.

Our autoclaves, ovens, and CPC control systems meet the most stringent industry requirements and set the standard for performance, precision, and reliability. Major aerospace companies around the globe rely on ASC systems for mission-critical manufacturing needs.

Explore our website to learn more about our full range of thermal process equipment, including capabilities, applications, and technical resources. Discover why the world's top companies trust ASC Process Systems for their most demanding production challenges. Contact our experts today to discuss your unique equipment requirements.

Dodge's Viper Video!

dodgeviper 1

ASC's Econoclave is in the SRT Dodge Viper DNA Video!

It doesn't get any cooler than this!

Check out Dodge's great video documentary on the Viper SRT Supercar where it features our customer Plasan Composites and their ASC Econoclave in action.

ASC's Econoclave is the world's leading
composites autoclave for composite processing.


Take a 360 degree virtual tour of our facilities.
Feel free to look around!

CPC Controls - Qtr

CPC is the technology required for today's composite processing.

Autoclave Control Systems

Composite Ovens

Composite Ovens with CPC Controls

Composites Oven

Hot Drape Formers

Hot drape former's increase your layup quality and lower production costs.

Hot Drape Former

Econoclave Models

Select a standard Econoclave model that meets your requirements! 

Composite Autoclave Image

ASC's Composites Ovens are used
world wide for composite curing.


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